Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Digs

In February, friends of ours, Eleanor and George, purchased a 60+acre farm in the next town.  The farm has a farmhouse that is rented out, a large bank barn and crop fields plus a creek that runs through it with trails.  When they initially started negotiations to buy the farm, we started discussing the possibility of keeping our horses there.  It’s been several months in the works with a few hiccups but it finally happened.  Brand new fencing went in, the run in shed was retrofitted, top soil was removed and drier fill added.  The tack room is set up.  We moved our horses this week.  We have a dry lot with a big run in shed and will be adding additional pasture in the next few weeks. The horses seem to like the set up and we have been riding quite a bit and enjoying the trails.  There are lots of improvements in the works and progress continues.  You can see pics here and I will be updating the album over the next few months.  So far, so good!

Church Road Photo Album

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