Monday, March 5, 2012

Quick Update

Back to work today.  Still sick but feeling better and I need to get in to the office.  The vet came out on Saturday for spring shots/Coggins and he worked on Zip's teeth.  With the assembly line of horses at the barn, it was a busy day but everything got done and I can cross that off my list of things to get finished before show season starts.  We listed Reba for sale and got a tremendous response to the ads.  She is very sweet and willing but really doesn't liked to be pushed for gaming and I don't have time for another horse so we wanted to find her a really good home.  A young family with 2 little girls came out to see her and fell in love with her.  I couldn't have asked Reba to be any better with these little girls.  She practically had her head in the older one's lap while they groomed her.  It was love at first sight for the girls and I hope that they will spoil her rotten and she will love them just as much.  They are new to horse ownership but the dad had taken riding lessons when he was younger and we gave them lots of info and offered to help plus we offered to take her back if it doesn't work out.  Everyone has to start somewhere and Reba has the best ground manners so I am excited for them.  She seems to really love kids.  I'll get to more posts later this week.

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