Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blog Interrupted

I can't believe it's been so long since I have posted an update. I needed a break from posting but I didnt intend for it to be so long. Lots of family updates this summer. T qualified in 4H for County Roundup and District Regionals (first in Keyhole - that's my girl!) and competed in the 4H State Horse Show in Harrisburg. She showed all 6 shows in the Buxmomt show series. She got her driving permit (be afraid!). We shifted the herd a bit, are at a different farm (same owner) with a better layout for us. My office moved locations which I was directly involved with (logistics of moving 60 plus people). It's a bit farther and I'm still getting used to the commute. Somewhere along the way I became a Project Leader for 4H and am more involved than ever. We participated in the 4H fair and I organized a Parade of Breeds. We had the hottest summer on record and are bracing for winter. Hurricane Sandy blew in the day we got back from States. Been a busy summer... I am hoping to get back into regular bloc posts. I actually enjoy it and missed it.

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