Monday, April 15, 2013

Hitting the Road

T and I took a ride down the road from the farm yesterday.  The weather was gorgeous - blue skies, sun, a bit of chilly wind but it was still really nice.  Since I was sick for so long, I didn't ride for about 2 months and I feel like I am just now getting my strength and wind back.  I saddled up Rooster and T took Zip.  Since I ride bareback most days, this was the first time that I had saddled Roo since November.  We set off with my fingers crossed for a quiet and easy ride.  Roo was in power walker mode with a little trot and a canter thrown it but it was a very nice ride.  So nice to be back in the saddle again!

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Intense Guy said...

It was an awesome day yesterday (the whole weekend actually!)

I hope you enjoyed your outing!

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